AgiLight adds amazing value to its premium 12V and 24V module families

Our new modules are in stock! 

Our customers asked for it, and we’ve done it. The AgiLight team is excited to introduce the ULTRA Lyte and PRO Lyte modules, which add true value options to the 12V ULTRA and 24V PRO Premium product families. See them live at the ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando, starting today! We’re in Booth 2501! 

These new modules have been engineered with constant current IC designs that maintain brilliant light with no lumen drop across each string. They feature three sign-bright CCTs (5000K, 6500K and 7100K), drastically improved efficacy and brightness, and a stellar IP67 rating for outdoor use – serious performance upgrades to our existing value line. 

“AgiLight manufactures high-end modules. And after years of fighting the system, we realized we needed a quality economic module to fit with our high-end brand,” said Scott Vontobel, President & CEO of GENLED Brands. “After 15 months of engineering every little detail, we are ready to launch the ULTRA Lyte and PRO Lyte modules, which not only exceed our competitors but also bring extra value to our customers. We’ve put in a great amount of effort to develop something that, today, is truly better than what was in the market.”  

Great for channel letters, box and cabinet signs, or even accent and cove lighting, these amazing modules will help you “Keep it Lyte” while offering the most cost-effective constant current designs available. Across the board, our new static white modules generate up to 170 lm/W at 6500K. The ULTRA Lyte 2 and PRO Lyte 2 are also available in three brilliant static colors. All our new modules feature a continuous release liner that speeds up installation – and come with a 7-year warranty. 

Get your ULTRA Lyte and PRO Lyte sample requests to your AgiLight sales reps today – and don’t forget to stop by Booth 2501 at the ISA International Sign Expo this week! Enter your business card in our drawing for a chance to win an Apple Vision Pro!

Visit AgiLight.com for the complete specs on our new modules. While you’re there, be sure to check out our top-shelf 12V ULTRA and 24V PRO Premium signage lighting solutions, colorful FlexRayz Neon, powerful RetroRayz LED Light Bars, and our complete selection of LED signage power supplies.

AgiLight is a quality global division of GENLED Brands.