OptiRayz (24V)

OptiRayz Rigid Light Bar systems are engineered for soft signage lighting in fabric light boxes. OptiRayz features a harness with connecting rigid light bars that feature special LED optics. Use 24V OptiRayz light bars alone or attach to the wire harness to create a simple grid for backlighting applications. The OptiRayz FB light bars are pre-wired and can be quickly cut to fit. Both products are available with light bars in three trimmable lengths.


For fabric light box applications
2 standard CCTs: 5000K, 6500K
300 lm/ft (970 lm/m) @ 6500K

3 sizes at 160 lm/W:
6.5 in. (265 mm): 2 LEDs
19.5 in. (495 mm): 6 LEDs
39 in. (990 mm): 12 LEDs

Specification Sheet

OptiRayz FB

LED light bars for soft signage
Harness creates backlight grid​
3 standard bar lengths
140 lm/W
564 lm/ft (1850 lm/m)​​
2 standard CCTs (5000K, 6500K)

Specification Sheet


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