AgiLight adds new OptiRayz FB to its soft-signage lighting solutions

AgiLight has introduced a new OptiRayz light bar system! 

Designed for soft signage lighting, OptiRayz FB is an addition to our OptiRayz line, which features rigid light bar systems that can be used to illuminate custom sizes and shapes – and can easily be cut to fit in the field. 

OptiRayz FB light bars are 24V fixtures with light bars spaced every 6 in. (150 mm). They generate a super-efficient 160 lm/W at either 5000K or 6500K. The light bars come in three standard sizes: 6.5 in. (165 mm), 19.5 in. (495 mm) and 39 in. (990 mm), and feature set cut points that let you create custom lengths every 6.5 in. (165 mm). 

OptiRayz FB can be affixed with the adhesive backing included on each light bar or tightly secured with screws as needed.  

Rated IP20 for indoor use in soft signage such as fabric light boxes and other backlight applications, OptiRayz FB light bars produce 296 lm/ft (970 lm/m). 

The OptiRayz FB can easily be compared with our original OptiRayz, which offers three bar lengths — 14.8 in. (376 mm), 20.3 in. (515 mm) and 36.61 in. (930 mm) — in a 24V plug-and-play harness system.  

Visit AgiLight.com for full specifications on our new OptiRayz FB rigid light bar system. While you’re there, check out AgiLight’s premium 12V and 24V LED signage modules, our new ULTRA Lyte and PRO Lyte modules, FlexRayz Neon, RetroRayz fluorescent replacements and our full line of power supplies. 


AgiLight is a quality global division of GENLED Brands.