AgiLight introduces color changing ULTRA 650 RGBW and ULTRA 650 RGBA

Spice up your signage with color changing technology! The new ULTRA 650 RGBW and ULTRA 650 RGBA modules from AgiLight let you tune your lighting to more than 16 million colors with a simple RF or DMX interface and remote.

Theme your signage for special sales, celebrations and branding events with premium color changing LED modules that meet all the same safety and efficacy standards you’ve come to expect from premium AgiLight products.

Spaced at 8 in (200 mm), our ULTRA 650 RGBW modules each include 3 LEDs. They generate up to 47 lm/module and 70 lm/ft (236 lm/m). Use ULTRA 650 RGBW and ULTRA 650 RGBA modules in depths as shallow as 3 in. (75 mm). 

Each LED is built with four chips that work together to create tunable colors. ULTRA 650 RGBW modules use a red, green, blue and white chip in each LED, while ULTRA 650 RGBA substitutes amber for the white chip. White chips provide extra brightness while amber chips provide richer tones in certain colors like pastels. Every module has been engineered with a special Integrated Component that provides constant current, so across a full string each module provides equal light output, no matter the hue.

The ULTRA 650 RGBW and RGBA modules are the latest members of the ULTRA Series from AgiLight. This premium line of 12V signage modules includes the ULTRA 650, ULTRA 670, ULTRA 430, ULTRA 450, ULTRA 470, ULTRA EDGE and ULTRA MINI and ULTRA MINI COLOR modules, which are used in brand name signage installations around the world.

For more information about the new ULTRA 650 RGBW and ULTRA 650 RGBA modules – and our full selection of premium 12V and 24V signage modules, fluorescent replacements and LED neon solutions, please visit AgiLight.com or contact your local AgiLight sales representative. For architectural lighting products including exterior wall washers and grazers, custom channel fixtures and backlighting panels, please visit AcolyteLED.com.

AgiLight is a quality division of GENLED Brands.