AgiLight offers new FlexRayz Neon tubes

AgiLight is excited to announce a new edge lighting solution – FlexRayz Neon. 

Available in Static White, four Static Colors or RGBW models, FlexRayz Neon is a versatile LED neon product that eliminates light gaps. A side bending IP67 rated tube, FlexRayz is an excellent solution for linear façade lighting in curved or straight edge applications in dry, damp and wet environments. 

Static White FlexRayz features gleaming sign-bright 6500K (4000K or 5000K available on request) at 24V DC and 3 W/ft. It offers a constant current design that delivers consistent brightness throughout the length of a run. Static White FlexRayz is available in 2-ft or 8-ft lengths and in 49-ft max. run length reels. 

Static Color FlexRayz features lustrous red, blue, green or yellow at 24V DC and 3 W/ft. It also offers the consistent brightness of constant current design and comes in available 2-ft or 8-ft lengths or 49-ft max. run length reels. 

RGBW FlexRayz lets you tune your neon border tube to any of 16 million custom colors with DMX controls. At 24V DC and 5.5 W/ft and with a white LED at 6500K (4000K, 5000K upon request) in each diode for brightness, RGBW FlexRayz is available in 2-ft, 8-ft and 16-ft (5 m) max. length reels. 

Static White and Static Color FlexRayz Neon can be cut every 2 in. (50 mm) while RGBW FlexRayz Neon can be cut at every 3.28 in. (83.3 mm). These products can be cut and capped but additional wire feeds cannot be attached in the field. 

Each pliable LED neon product has a minimum bend diameter of 2 in. (50 mm) and produces a 110×250° beam angle. Use shorter lengths of FlexRayz Neon with our aluminum mounting clips or secure longer runs in a straight aluminum channel or S-type track for curved applications. 

The stunning new FlexRayz Neon marries the traditional look of neon with all the benefits of modern LEDs. Visit AgiLight.com to see complete spec sheets and lumen data or call your area sales representative for full product details! 

AgiLight is a quality division of GENLED Brands.