‘Build a Bar’ with the new PRO Premium Retrofit Kit from AgiLight

Introducing the PRO Premium Retrofit Kit from AgiLight. 

We’ve taken our PRO Premium 4 XO modules and created a system that will let you quickly build powerful LED light bars to fit any project in the field. 

First, we attach our super high output modules to each side of a special clip to create double-sided modules that let you work twice as fast as our “competition.” 

These clips fit into the groove of a slender aluminum I-Beam. Simply insert the tab and twist to lock each module in place on the bar. Once locked, they won’t slip or slide – but you can easily unclip them to move the modules until you’re happy with their placement. No tricky friction fitting, no sticky glue backing! Just turn and go! Only use the number of modules you need for your desired brightness and cut the bar to fit your installation. 

You can “Build a Bar” two ways: either attach the modules and then install each bar or install the bars and then attach the modules! 

Each box of I-Beam rails includes 24 8-ft. pieces. Each matching carton of PRO Premium 4 XO modules includes 8 bags with 168 double-sided modules in strings of 21 pieces, with module spacing at 14.76 in. (375 mm). 

PRO Premium 4 XO double-sided modules produce 285 lumens/W at 6500K (special order other CCTs) and run at 4.2 W/module, so each string of 21 operates comfortably with a 100W driver – or run nine 8-ft. sections with a single 300W driver! Like our entire PRO Premium product line, these 24V modules utilize constant current, so each module produces the same brightness throughout any string, and they come with the security of a true 9-year warranty. 

The PRO Premium Retrofit Kit mounting accessories include high-quality stainless steel L brackets to secure each bar or HO End Caps that allow you to insert the I-Beams into existing fluorescent brackets for almost any retrofit project. The “8-ft bar” is actually 93.1 in. (2364.7 mm) so that with two HO End Caps a full bar is 93.8 in. (2382 mm), which fits the F96T12 standard size. Use Adjustable Mounting Brackets to reach full length of 8 ft. (2438 mm). 

Please visit AgiLight.com or call your local sales rep to check out all the specs for the PRO Premium 4 XO modules and find more information about our new, easy-installation PRO Premium Retrofit Kit! 

AgiLight is a quality division of GENLED Brands.