5 Channel DMX Interface

The 5 Channel DMX Interface is used with our DMX controllers to seamlessly operate color changing LED modules in a single DMX universe (512 channels). New mode options make it easy to control multiple Static White or Static Color, Variable White, RGBW, RGBA and RGBWW fixtures. Choose from 8-bit or 16-bit color control. Test Mode allows manual testing with the interface — check specific color levels for troubleshooting without a DMX controller. The 5 Channel DMX Interface can be programmed via remote to set DMX addresses, modes and configurational tasks as well as monitoring sensors, usage and status messages.


12-24V DC power
6 A/channel output x 5 channels
3 DMX connection types: wire terminals, RJ45 (Ethernet) and 3-pin XLR
Crystal-clear OLED display screen
Adjustable PWM frequency: 8-bit (standard) or 16-bit (precision) color control
RDM (remote) capable programming
New options for controlling multiple fixtures
Test mode allows troubleshooting without a controller
Photoelectric isolation with short circuit, over current and over temperature protections
Connect up to 32 interfaces on a single chain
Requires DMX terminator at end of chain (over long distances)

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