8 key advantages of LED signage lighting



It’s time to upgrade your signage lighting. Instead of old-fashioned spotlights, expensive (and fragile) neon tubing or other archaic lighting products that use dangerous chemicals, you’ll want to use modern LEDs. Here are some of the major advantages LEDs can bring to your next signage project:

COST: First and foremost, you can save on costs. LEDs will help save on your signage lighting three ways: Efficient LEDs provide more light for less power, the longevity of LED modules means you need fewer replacement parts and maintenance, and higher efficacy means you save on installation costs by using fewer lights.

EFFICIENCY: Modern LEDs use less power than traditional lighting, especially specialty signage lighting that uses fluorescent or halogen lights.

BRIGHTNESS: Premium AgiLight LED modules are stringently measured and tested to bring consistent brightness and color temperatures.

CONTROL: Standard remote systems let you control your signage lighting to any degree necessary. From simple on/off functionality to timed dimming, complete LED systems offer amazing flexibility.

ENVIRONMENT: Longer lasting LEDs meet new sustainability goals for energy conservation and waste reduction. That means fewer old lighting supplies wind up in your local landfill. And because LED modules can provide precise directional focus and control, they can be employed to meet new dark sky standards that are growing in popularity around the world.

CLARITY: LEDs offer consistent, enduring color temperature and clarity. Turn them on and they don’t sputter or flicker like old school fluorescent lights. They provide an instant, bright, clear source of light.

SIZE: LED modules are smaller, lighter and far more flexible than more antiquated light sources. AgiLight also offers rigid LED light sticks (RetroRayz LED Light Bars) that can be used as direct replacements for all the standard fluorescent light sizes.

SAFETY: AgiLight’s LED modules use natural phosphors, not dangerous chemicals such as mercury. Premium AgiLight products feature top-of-the-line ingress protection – they are sealed so that corrosive elements such as water and salt won’t affect the electronic components inside. And AgiLight’s complete LED systems feature power supplies that have all types of built-in protections from power surges, short circuits and heat overages.

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