6 ways to use LED signage in your business



Sure, we all know that it makes sense for a business to have a big, beautiful, well-lit sign out front – they help potential customers find a store and serve as a primary point of advertising. But that’s not the only spot you might consider signage. Here’s a comprehensive look at six different types of sign that make perfect sense for LED signage modules in your business:

Outdoor/exterior signs: Placed near your business or in strategic advertising spots, the outdoor sign is the first thing you think of when you think LED signage. These signs are all about exposure. Go big with custom fonts that give your company great visibility.

Branding: Build a brand’s identity with colorful cabinet signs or unique channel letters. McDonald’s “Golden Arches,” for instance, are recognized around the world. They play a role in massive pylon signs but also in lively smaller box signs that underscore branding inside the store. Distinct shapes, logos, colors and lettering all play important roles in branding signage.

Indoor: Use lit indoor signage to highlight certain areas inside a business. Great indoor signs let a customer know where she or he can find certain types of products or specialty services you might offer, such as Layaway, Custom Projects or Curbside Pickup.

Promotional: Promotional or persuasive signage can be used to reflect sales, locate key brands or provide impact at the point of sale. Use a call to action for premium products, seasonal sales items or to accentuate merchandise that brings the highest profit margin!

Informational: Informational signage is used to save your customers from asking basic questions. Things like stylized menu boards and price lists fall into this category.

Directional: Directional or wayfinding signs are a classic example of necessary lighting, whether you need to navigate a complex international airport (Baggage Claim, Customs, Terminals) or if you are on an urgent mission to find your child a bathroom in a large store.

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