Mack Trucks

Location: Across the U.S.

Applications: Pylon signs, Cabinet Signs

Products: ULTRA 670, ULTRA 450, BoxRayz 3.0

Mack Trucks was founded as the Mack Brothers Company in New York City in 1900. The company now employs 2,000 people as part of the AB Volvo group. It manufactured its first truck in 1905 and took its current name in 1922. The British government bought Mack AC model trucks to supply front line troops during World War I, and British soldiers quickly dubbed it the “Bulldog because the blunt hood and the truck’s amazing durability reminded them of the British Bulldog. Mack Trucks adopted the stout mascot and still uses it today.

AgiLight is proud to illuminate Mack Trucks signs with LEDs that match the Bulldog’s durability. The lettering in Mack Trucks double-sided pylon signs and cabinet signs is backed by our premium 12V ULTRA 670 modules. Our ULTRA 450 modules power the trademark Bulldog. Oh, and that double-sided Volvo Trucks pylon sign? You’ll find our BoxRayz 3.0 inside! Tricky signage solutions? Like Mack Trucks, AgiLight was “Born Ready!”