Material Solutions

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Lighting Design: Material Solutions

Applications: Channel letters

Products: ULTRA 650, ULTRA 670

There is no greater compliment than when one of your business partners uses your products to illuminate their own brand. Check out the stunning new façade at the Material Solutions HQ in Dublin, Ireland. After a rebranding, Material Solutions upgraded their offices and needed to revamp the building. They used Façade Film from Avery Denison to wrap DIBOND aluminum panels from 3A Composites and added reflective tinted window film for privacy. They chose ULTRA 650 LED modules from AgiLight for their custom channel letters, installed ULTRA 670 modules behind the customized color bar that underscores their name and placed our color-changing modules in the logo! (Click the links to get all the specs on our new color-changing ULTRA 650 RGBW and ULTRA 650 RGBA modules.) Great partners like Material Solutions are definitely making it easy to do business!