Premium LEDs: The value is in the quality



Premium AgiLight modules will never be the cheapest on the market. And we’re not sorry. 

We only use the best raw materials. We employ an in-house engineering team to design and develop our products. We offer advanced technology and unparalleled light consistency ensured by several rounds of testing by our own staff and then by independent agencies. 

The value we offer is in the quality of our products, and in the overall cost of our complete lighting systems. Allow us to explain: 

Light output 

Our premium LED modules – the 12V ULTRA Series and 24V PRO Premium Series – are engineered by our in-house team for superior light output. We carefully select optimal LEDs that are binned for each specific CCT we offer. Cheaper modules have less color consistency from one module to the next. 

Both the ULTRA and PRO Premium module families use specially designed Integrated Circuits that maintain constant current so that every LED module in a string performs at the same level, with no flicker or fading. Cheaper modules often flicker or fade at the end of a string, leaving light levels uneven.  

AgiLight employs VersaLenz technology that provides crisp, clear light and focuses our premium LEDs for optimal brightness at a sign’s surface. Cheaper modules offer cloudy, unfocused lenses that provide less light coverage. 


AgiLight offers clear, measured, certified lumen outputs on all its top modules. We publish true statistics on how many lumens each module generates and the number of lumens per Watt each module system will provide. On average, our premium modules outshine our competitors’ top products by at least 10%. Cheaper LED modules don’t hold a candle to our light output and efficiency. 


Premium modules are made to last. In fact, the odds are your exterior sign materials will need to be redesigned or replaced before you need to replace our LED modules. In the past year, AgiLight has made millions of premium LED modules. None have been returned for an issue where the LEDs caused a failure. None. Zero. Nada. 

This kind of performance – and our faith in the quality control provided by our in-house engineering and production teams – lets AgiLight offer a true 9-year warranty on all our top-of-the-line modules: the 12V ULTRA 650, ULTRA 670 and ULTRA 400 series and all our 24V PRO Premium modules. This means when you buy premium modules from AgiLight, you can set it and forget it. Independent testing proves each of these modules offers an L70 lifetime of at least 50,000 hours, so you know they will work today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. 


So no, premium modules from AgiLight aren’t the cheapest around. And that’s kind of a point of pride with us. 

But you should know that complete LED systems from AgiLight will save you lots of money in the long run. How is that possible? The value is in the quality. Let’s look at the true costs associated with cheaper modules: 


12V ULTRA modules and 24V PRO Premium modules from AgiLight offer tremendous light output. They are top performers in lumens per Watt, lumens per foot and lumens per module. Cheaper modules just don’t generate the same output. We’ve seen our competitor’s layouts – it can take almost twice as many cheap modules to light a single channel letter. If you need to buy twice as many cheap modules, why wouldn’t you spend the same money on top quality modules that perform better and last longer? 

Installation time 

This part is simple math. Time equals money. When you need to buy more modules, you need to install more modules. Take a single channel letter that requires 20 premium modules. Working quickly, that’s 10 minutes, which translates to about six channel letters in an hour. With cheap modules, that single channel letter might require 40 modules, so it will take twice as long to install. That translates to three channel letters in an hour. Do you pay your installers by the sign or by the hour? Save them time and save yourself money by using premium modules that do twice the work. 

Rapid replacement 

Laboratory testing and installation in top name-brands around the world have proven that AgiLight signage modules stand the test of time. We back all our premium modules with a true 9-year warranty. Cheaper modules? You’ll be replacing them in three years or less! That means you go through the cost of buying and installing a new set of modules as many as three times in the same span that AgiLight premium modules will last. 

Power & Power supplies 

Another hidden expense in the cheap module programs? Power supplies. Simply put, less efficient modules require more juice. Premium AgiLight modules are used for their efficiency as often as they are used for their outstanding light output. That’s why we are consistently specified for amazing projects like the stunning McDonald’s Net Zero Energy global flagship restaurant in Orlando, Fla., and the LEED Platinum certified ENOC Service Station of the Future in Dubai. So you save money upfront buying fewer power supplies and in your monthly utilities bill by using less electricity when you install power-sipping high-efficiency premium LED signage modules. 

Volume + Installation time + Rapid replacement + Power = Your TRUE cost 

When you add everything together, you get the idea of what those cheap modules truly cost you. Like we said, AgiLight’s premium modules aren’t the cheapest. So what? The end result is they save you money. 


The cost of a premium LED module from AgiLight reflects the quality of the raw materials, engineering and workmanship it takes to make a premium LED module. The value is in the quality. 

AgiLight offers free personalized layout services that illustrate how our 12V ULTRA and 24V PRO Premium modules can save you money. 

When you visit the Layouts section of AgiLight.com, we only ask you to submit some simple information: the dimensions of your sign (including the font of any channel letters), whether it is single- or double-sided, and if you have a preferred 12V or 24V module. Then our pros go to work. We assess the size and scope of your project, and we generate detailed layout options that calculate the true number of modules and power supplies needed for each sign. This is done by a real person and done for free. There’s no guesswork involved! 

Our customized layouts don’t rely on random pattern generators that make you do all the work and leave you wondering if you’ve entered everything right. Real lighting professionals generate AgiLight layouts with care and precision backed by 20 years of LED signage lighting experience. Their goal is to optimize the lighting for each of your signs. Visit the Layouts section of AgiLight.com or email us at Layouts@GENLEDBrands.com to submit your request. Enjoy the peace of mind that only a personal touch can provide with free layouts from AgiLight! 

So, save yourself the hassle, time and expense that cheap modules will ultimately cost you. Visit the products section at AgiLight.com to learn more about our premium LED modules and our innovative signage lighting systems — and keep your signs shining bright!  

 AgiLight is a quality division of GENLED Brands. 

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