Soft signage LED solutions that work save retailers money and energy


Modern in-store consumers have become increasingly desensitized to traditional storefront ads – and retailers are adjusting. 

One of the most compelling uses of retail space today is the dynamic light-driven display, and that has the soft signage business booming. 

Soft signage like fabric light boxes allow a retailer to illuminate eye-grabbing graphics and imagery with powerful LEDs that pull customers to them. Proper integration of soft signage light boxes can also strongly complement existing in-store lighting. 

Dynamic lighting has a strong effect on consumer habits. Studies show that cooler white lights can make a store feel clean and modern or more spacious, while warmer CCTs create feelings of safety and comfort. Blend proper architectural lighting techniques with bright advertising pops of light and improve a client’s purchasing potential! 

While LED light boxes were once thought of as a premium retail expense, the rise in soft signage and the inexpensive vinyl it is printed on means that changing a campaign is as simple as replacing the cover. What was once an expensive, complicated task can now easily be done by a single store employee at minimal cost for materials and labor. 

The proper LED lighting product makes this even easier – it is a one-time expense that can provide power-saving, energy efficient light for years.  

The OptiRayz Rigid Light Bar system from AgiLight is one product that’s ideal for interior soft signage lighting. It features a wire harness with connecting rigid light bars that feature special LED optics for brilliant advertising. The adjustable 8 ft 10 in. (2700 mm) harness lets you create a simple grid for backlighting applications in all sizes. Available in two standard CCTs (5000K and 6500K), the 24V OptiRayz light bars come in three lengths that can mix and match, daisy chain or trim to fit any space. 

Another great option for installing new soft signage is the PRO Premium Retrofit Kit. The PRO Premium Retrofit Kit lets you quickly and easily build your own light bars in the field. Attach our high-brightness 24V PRO Premium 4 XO modules to the special I-Beam design and cut your light bars to fit on the fly! Simple clips let you lock each double-sided module in place. PRO Premium XO modules feature integrated circuits that maintain constant current, so there is no lumen drop across any string of modules. Spaced at 14.76 in. (375 mm) to let you place each clip up to 1 ft (305 mm) apart, these super high output 6500K modules are even rated IP68 for use in damp and wet locations. 

The soft signage market is rapidly expanding. And you can be sure that as it continues to grow, AgiLight will be here to offer more innovative signage lighting solutions. 


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