PRO Premium Retrofit Kit

The revolutionary PRO Premium Retrofit Kit lets you quickly and easily build your own light bars in the field. Attach 24V PRO Premium 4 XO modules to our special I-Beam design and cut your light bars to fit on the fly! Up to 8 ft. per bar! Simple clips let you lock each double-sided module in place. PRO Premium XO modules feature integrated circuits that maintain constant current, so there is no lumen drop across any string of modules. Spaced at 14.76 in. (375 mm) to let you place each clip up to 1 ft (305 mm) apart, these super high output 6500K modules are rated IP68 for use in damp and wet locations. Special order other CCTs. Modules feature a 9-year warranty.


‘Build a Bar’ with double-sided PRO Premium XO 24V LED modules
600 lm/module, 142.8 lm/W @ 6500K
Easy installation with Adjustable Mounting Brackets
HO End Caps available for retrofit
24V 30W, 60W, 100W or 300W Power Supply
The “8-ft bar” is 93.1 in. (2364.7 mm) so that with two HO End Caps a full bar is 93.8 in., which fits the F96T12 standard size
Use Adjustable Mounting Brackets to reach full length of 8 ft

Voltage: 24V

CCT/Color: 6500K (Special Order 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 7100K)

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