Acolyte adds dual-bend Nano Flex grazer to suite of programmable Pixel Products

Acolyte has introduced a versatile new wall grazing fixture that can be programmed to the pixel. 

The Nano Flex grazer is a 24V dual-bending flexible silicone tube with a minimum side-bending diameter of 6 in. (150 mm) and a minimum top-bending diameter of 7 in. (180 mm). It offers an IP68 rating suitable for exterior use. 

Nano Flex is available in RGBW powered at 7 W/ft (23W/m) or in five dimmable Static White CCTs (1800K-6500K) at 5.5 W/ft (18W/m). 

These fixtures have a maximum length of 16 ft 4 in. (5 m) with LED optics spaced at just 1.65 in. (42 mm) or 7 LEDs/ft (24 LEDs/m) for an even distribution of light without gaps. Choose white or black tubing and custom cut your Nano Flex at 10 in. (250 mm) intervals. 

The Nano Flex is part of Acolyte’s new suite of Pixel Products. Use C4 Extended, C4 Live or PxLNet Controllers with SPI controls to program the Nano Flex RGBW at 10 in. (250 mm) pixel lengths. 

Choose from three beam angles to match your Nano Flex application: 15°x15°, 38°x38° and 60°x60°. Secure your grazers with simple mounting clips, mounting channel or flexible mounting channel. 

For complete specifications on the Nano Flex and Nano Flex RGBW, or for more information about any of our custom architectural lighting solutions, please visit AcolyteLED.com or contact your local sales representative. Check out our amazing RibbonLyte fixtures, LED neon, pendants and backlighting or our full suite of programmable Pixel Products. With Acolyte, your only limit is your imagination! 

Acolyte is a quality global division of GENLED Brands.