Acolyte offers flexible OptX RibbonLyte for grazing, wall washing

Acolyte has released OptX RibbonLyte, a new top bending RibbonLyte with special optics for wall washing or grazing. 

OptX RibbonLyte is a 24V ribbon that can be securely mounted with VHB tape so it doesn’t require a channel fixture. Symmetric or asymmetric mounting channels are available for straight run applications if desired. And mounting clips can be used with bending applications.

This new grazing solution comes in four Static White CCTs (2700-4000K). OptX RibbonLyte features specially engineered optic lenses with the choice of symmetric 10° and 30° beam angles or an asymmetric 45° beam angle. Lumen outputs range from 510 lm/ft (1672.8 lm/m) to 600 lm/ft (1968 lm/m). And each fixture has a pitch of 14 LEDs/ft (46 LEDs/m) and a bending radius of 5.9 in. (150 mm). 

Powered at 5.8 W/ft (19 W/m), all our OptX RibbonLyte is rated IP67 for outdoor use. Order it in 6 in. (152 mm) increments with a maximum run length of 32 ft (9.75 m). 

Optimize your angles with the new OptX RibbonLyte! Visit AcolyteLED.com to see full specifications for our new OptX RibbonLyte. Or check out our wide selection of RibbonLyte and custom channel fixtures, LED neon, pendants, backlighting and our Armor Series collection of exterior wall washers and grazers. 

Acolyte is a quality global division of GENLED Brands.