unveils new website


If you’ve made it here, you can see GENLED Brands™ has unveiled a new website featuring premium LED lighting products from AgiLight and Acolyte!

We’re excited to invite you to take a look around! Inside the site, you’ll find two sleek, modern homepages that are easy to use.

Now, it’s incredibly simple to:

Explore our new site further and you’ll see:

We’ve also added new contact groups, so throughout GENLEDBrands.com, you’ll find easy ways to connect with our LED experts, whether you’re looking for advice on building custom architectural lighting fixtures with Acolyte or working on specs for premium signage lighting solutions with AgiLight. And now there’s a handy translation function that lets us speak the language of lighting in languages from around the world!


The website’s launch comes as we complete our restructuring — a time of real expansion and advancement for both parts of our company.

At AgiLight, we’re about to introduce the PRO Premium family of 24V IP68 signage modules. Each module will contain an integrated circuit that maintains constant current, which means there is no lumen drop across any string of modules. We’ve also recently unveiled our upgraded RetroRayz LED Light Bars, which serve as premium replacements for fluorescent lighting in cabinet and box signs, and the BoxRayz 3.0 and BoxRayz EDGE 3.0, which feature 433 to 470 lumens per module and can be ordered for 12V or 24V systems. Need a color changing signage option? Look no further than our new LRZ3 RGB signage module, which is part of our LyteRayz value line.

At Acolyte, we’re excited to add to the Armor Series of exterior wall washers and grazers! Our new AC Mini Linear fixtures will feature onboard drivers that allow for tremendous run lengths in both static white and RGBW models, and we’re finishing up testing on our impact-resistant in-grade products as well. The upcoming Neon Apex will provide a unique top-bend channel for our amazing family of flexible neon replacement products, and we’re almost done enhancing our Flexible BackLyte, which will soon be available with lower wattages, more color options and much-improved connectivity.


Through the restructuring process, the teams at AgiLight and Acolyte have in many ways become one much stronger company. In that vein, we feel there are many ways the two businesses can help each other’s respective customers. After all, we offer bright signage modules suitable for the hotel marquee, but we also create sumptuous bespoke lighting for the lobbies, restaurants and guestrooms inside. We manufacture modules for bold pro sports stadium facades, while we can also gracefully appoint the luxury suites.

If you have the need for “crossover” items, whether it’s signage or architectural LED lighting, Acolyte and AgiLight are happy to work together to exceed your expectations. Please just let your area sales rep know and we’ll be happy to find you custom lighting solutions. If you can dream it, we can do it.

A lot of effort and hard work has gone into our restructuring, and we are finally at the stage where we want to be. GENLED Brands™ is a much stronger company than a year ago – and we are always looking for talent. Be sure to check the Careers section to see if you might be a fit for any of our openings!

The new GENLEDBrands.com stands testament to two enduring LED companies at the top of their game and ready for the next 20 years of technological advancement. Thank you for visiting us!