Neon360 elevates flexible LED neon to new heights

Acolyte’s selection of LED neon products is growing again! 

Introducing Neon360, a bendable IP65 LED neon tube with a smooth round profile that provides uniform light distribution across its full 360° face! 

With a one-inch (0.91 in./23 mm) nominal diameter, our radiant 24V Neon360 is available in 5 dimmable Static White CCTs (2400K-4000K). At 4.8 W/ft (16 W/m), Neon360 offers flexible design with a bending diameter of 4.72 in. (120 mm) and cut lengths of 1.4 in. (35.71 mm). 

There are several installation options for this pliable silicone tube. It can hang directly from the ceiling. It can be used with mounting clips or a straight mounting channel along any surface. Hang it in a rigid tube at any angle. Loop it or turn it and shape it with suspended rings. See the spec sheet for a full glossary of installation options! 

Brilliant LED neon radiates evenly across the Neon360’s nominal 3-inch (2.86 in., 72.6 mm) circumference. Lumen outputs range from 298.1 lm/ft (978 lm/m) to 389.8 lm/ft (1278.9 lm/m). The maximum run length is 16 ft 4 in. (5 m). 

The Neon360 joins Acolyte’s lustrous line of LED neon products that marry the classic gleam of neon with the benefits of modern LEDs: 

  • Neon Silhouette is a side-bending fixture that provides pinpoint lines of light. 
  • Neon Contour is a side-bending silicone tube that replicates neon’s classic shape. 
  • Both are available in larger versions – the Neon Silhouette Plus and Neon Contour Plus. 
  • Neon Apex offers a square profile with a top-bending flexible light face. 

Visit AcolyteLED.com for full specifications on the new Neon360 and all our LED neon products. Or check out our complete custom RibbonLyte channel fixtures, wall washers and grazers, backlighting, pendants and all the controls and power supplies you need for fully integrated LED systems. Please call your local sales rep or our Customer Service team with any questions! 

Acolyte is a quality division of GENLED Brands.