RGBWW 5-in-1 RibbonLyte offers advanced color blending, brightness


Introducing RGBWW 5-in-1 RibbonLyte, a special color changing RibbonLyte that tunes for warmth and brightness just like our Variable White RibbonLyte. 

Each RGBWW diode utilizes 5 separate chips (red, green, blue, warm white and cool white) to provide advanced color blending. The two tunable white LED chips (2400K and 6500K) deliver varied levels of warmth and brightness to create varied shades of awesome! 

Our new 5-in-1 RibbonLyte is rated IP20 for interior use. It is available in 4.4 W/ft (14.4 W/m) and 8.8 W/ft (28.9 W/m) and offers a tight pitch of 29 LEDs/ft (96 LEDs/m) that can provide diode-free light in most of our custom channel fixtures with the proper lens.  

Engineered for efficiency and superior lumen output, our RGBWW 5-in-1 RibbonLyte products increase the power in your lighting arsenal while short cut lengths of 2.46 in. (62.5 mm) guarantee design flexibility. This RibbonLyte is just 0.47 in. (12 mm) wide, giving you more choices as you create custom fixtures with our wide selection of surface mounted, recessed or Simply Clean channel extrusions. 

RGBWW 5-in-1 RibbonLyte lets you use DMX controls to create color shifts with extreme precision and generate dynamic white color ranges with varying intensity to reflect Circadian lighting techniques. Program scenes with warm white, cool white or any blend in quick succession.  

Visit AcolyteLED.com or call your local sales rep for more details about our new and improved color changing RibbonLyte. Be sure to check out all our custom LED lighting options, from wall washers and grazers to luminous panels and LED neon, as well as all the controls and drivers you need to program and power your project. If you don’t see something you need, please just ask – we can make it happen. At Acolyte, custom is our custom! 

Acolyte is a quality division of GENLED Brands.