24V Non-Dimming UL Listed Electronic Drivers

These Constant Voltage Class 2 LED Drivers are UL Listed. The UL Listed type enclosure has a built-in junction box on both the input and output. These drivers are IP65 rated and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. With universal input voltage ranging from 120 to 277VAC, the DRVW2430, DRVW2460 and DRVW2496 drivers are designed for commercial, industrial and residential applications.


UL Listed enclosure with built-in junction boxes
Universal input voltage
Class2, Class P
IP65 for indoor and outdoor use
Overtemperature and short-circuit auto-reset protection

Voltage: 120V

Dimming: Non-Dimming

Output Voltage: 24V

IP Rating: IP65

QuickShipWattageInput Voltage
30W 120V
Yes 60W, 96W 120V

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