Wellesley College Science Center

Location: Wellesley, MA

Lighting Design: Brandston Partnership Inc.

Applications: School Lighting

Products: Static White RibbonLyte at 3000K

Photographer: Brandston Parternship Inc.

Sitting on 500 acres just outside Boston, historic Wellesley College is a 150-year-old “Seven Sisters” school deemed one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges for women with one of America’s most beautiful campuses. Now, it features beautiful modern LED lighting from Acolyte as well. Designers at Brandston Partnership Inc. — whose award-winning work has been seen in several halls of the American Museum of Natural History, the Statue of Liberty and the Country Music Hall of Fame — turned to Acolyte products to help renovate the Wellesley College Science Center. Brandston chose our custom high-CRI IP65 RibbonLyte at 3000K for recessed fixtures and dramatic uplighting, specified through our amazing partners at City Lighting Representatives. They employed the Science of Light to provide great clarity with a warm, inviting color temperature while considering sustainability factors such as efficiency and longevity to significantly enhance the Science Center’s grand working lobby. It looks like they deserve an honorary degree!