Taco Bell

Location: Across the U.S.

Applications: Channel letters, Halo Lit, Sign Cabinets, Light Boxes, Fluorescent Retrofit

Products: ULTRA 650, ULTRA 670, LyteRayz LRZ2, LyteRayz LRZ3 RGB, RetroRayz

Taco Bell is an incredibly popular 60-year-old fast food chain headquartered in Irvine, Ca. They’re open to serve everything from breakfast to dinner and even satisfying late-night cravings. Taco Bell offers burritos, quesadillas, bowls, and their signature crunchy, soft, or Doritos-themed tacos. And across the United States, more than 7,500 Taco Bell franchise restaurants beckon the hungry with signs illuminated by AgiLight. We’ve lit Taco Bell signs with our premium 12V ULTRA 650 and ULTRA 670 modules. We’ve lit Taco Bell signs with our LyteRayz LRZ2 and LRZ3 RGB modules (for halo lit signs). And we’ve lit massive Taco Bell pylon signs with our RetroRayz LED Light Bars. In fact, you could say Taco Bell definitely inspires us to “Light mas!”