Location: Térmens, Catalonia, Spain

Lighting Design: Rètols Esteve

Applications: Channel letters

Products: ULTRA 670

Térmens is a picturesque village in Lleidas, part of the independent Catalonia region of Spain. Local sign manufacturer Rètols Esteve created a stunning new sign for the town entrance with colorful 6½ ft (2 m) high channel letters that are just 4.72 in. (12 cm) deep. The sign stretches 36 feet (11m) but is fully illuminated by just 240 powerful ULTRA 670 modules from AgiLight, distributed through our great partners at Ribera Digital in Barcelona. Spending a little extra to use premium 12V ULTRA 670 LED modules guarantees Térmens years of high-efficiency and maintenance-free brilliant light. From tiny villages to the biggest cities around the world, you can call on AgiLight when you need innovative LED signage lighting solutions. In Spain, visit our trusted partners at Ribera Digital for amazing distributor service.