Trinity Baptist Church

Location: Birmingham, AL

Applications: Exterior Accent

Products: FlexRayz Neon

Let’s sing the praises of the all-new FlexRayz Neon from AgiLight! This heaven-sent LED neon is already flying off the shelves and flying high on the 50-ft. cross that calls the faithful to worship at Trinity Baptist Church in Birmingham, Al. FlexRayz Neon can be installed in curved applications or, as seen here, in an aluminum mounting channel for bold, rigid lines! The project was coordinated by our partners at Fravert Architectural Signage and Wayfinding. Trinity Baptist chose to use our regal Static Blue to replace their old-fashioned glass and neon fixture. FlexRayz Neon marries the classic look of neon with all the benefits of modern LEDs for a finished look that will lead the flock for years to come. Hallelujah!