B1 Bendable

B1 Bendable Channel is a slim, bendable aluminum channel that is ideal for coves and toe kicks that require challenging curves, bends or imaginative custom shapes. This thin profile allows you to permanently bend or curve the channel into your desired shape. Pair with our RibbonLyte products to create a custom bendable fixture. The UV-resistant lenses create the ideal level of light output and LED imaging with a 115-degree beam angle.


Wattage Range from 0.75 W/ft (2.46 W/m) to 8.8 W/ft (28.9 W/m)
Static White Delivered Lumen Range from 44.1 lm/ft (144.6 lm/m) to 729.4 lm/ft (2392.5 lm/m)
TM66 assessed (see downloads for more info)
* Field assembly only

Width: 0.77 in. (19.6 mm)

Height: 0.26 in. (6.5 mm)

Internal Width: 0.69 in. (17.6 mm)

Beam Angle: 115

Interior / Exterior: Interior, Exterior



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