Direct AC Channels

Direct AC Channels are used to hold our Direct AC RibbonLyte products in place. Direct AC Aluminum Channel offers a full custom fit with finished end caps. It offers the choice of a flat milky lens or square (raised) milky lens for premium LED diffusion. We recommend using the Direct AC Aluminum Channel for visible Direct AC fixtures. Direct AC Mounting Channel is an open PVC channel that provides incredible friction-fit stability. It allows maximum light output in applications such as hidden coves.


Direct AC Aluminum Channel with Square Milky lens
0.79 in. (20.1 mm) wide by 1.23 in. (31.2 mm) high
Provides premium diffusion — no visible diodes
Direct AC Aluminum Channel with Flat Milky lens
0.79 in. (20.1 mm) wide by 0.73 in. (18.5 mm) high
Provides some diffusion – partially visible diodes
Direct AC Mounting Channel
0.72 in. (18.4 mm) wide by 0.41 in. (10.3 mm) high
Provides no diffusion – fully visible diodes

Interior / Exterior: Exterior, Raised lenses for Interior only


Square Milky

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