Static Color Direct AC RibbonLyte

Static Color Direct AC RibbonLyte extends up to 164 ft. on a single run with no drivers. Dimmable Static Color Direct AC RibbonLyte is factory cuttable every foot, it’s the perfect LED solution for long coves and other large spaces.


Direct input 120V
Red, Green and Blue
lm/W R:8 G:32.4 B:8.7
Red: 20 lm/ft (66 lm/m)
Green: 77 lm/ft (253 lm/m)
Blue: 21 lm/ft (65 lm/m)
Max. run length: 164 ft. (50 m)
Dimmable IP65
Use with friction-fit open Mounting Channel
or custom cut Direct AC Aluminum Channel

Width: .62 in. (16 mm)

Height: .21 in. (5.3 mm)

Voltage: 120V

Wattage: 2.5

CCT/Color: Red, Green, Blue

Interior / Exterior: Interior, Exterior

Shape: Ribbon

IP Rating: IP65

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