Chloé fashion show

Location: Milk Studios, New York, NY

Lighting Design: CS Lighting and Shawn Kaufman

Applications: Retail & Shop Lighting

Products: 8.8 RGBW RibbonLyte, SFK

Chloé is a famed French fashion house with a lasting reputation for chic, accessible and innovative, trend-setting designs. In collaboration with CS Lighting and lighting designer Shawn Kaufman, Acolyte created this three-dimensional space to frame the Chloé Fashion Show held at Milk Studios in New York City. The installation presented current fashion trends on forms suspended above the floor, and guests were invited to fully experience the collection by walking throughout the display for an up-close look at the garments. Our custom SFK fixtures provided broad, even, pure light coverage that showed textures and colors the way they were meant to be seen.