Sphere lobby

Location: Las Vegas

Lighting Design: ICRAVE, Journey Lighting

Applications: Backlighting, Cove, Hospitality, Entertainment

Products: Flexible BackLyte, Neon Contour, Neon Contour Plus, Neon Apex

Photographer: David Handschuh

MSG spared no expense as they built the iconic $2.3 billion Sphere just off the Las Vegas strip. The stunning one-of-a-kind entertainment venue opened in the fall of 2023 with U2 in residence. The exosphere is covered with 580,000 sq ft of programmable LED nodes. Acolyte fixtures feature prominently in Sphere’s futuristic interior lobby design, specified by ICRAVE and Journey Lighting. More than 1,700 customized RGBW Flexible BackLyte panels from Acolyte create unparalleled backlighting displays in arches and pillars that can be reinvented as part of an ever-changing user experience. The Sphere lobby also employs more than 4,400 ft (1.34 km) of color changing LED neon from Acolyte, including side-bending Neon Contour and Neon Contour Plus and top-bending Neon Apex.