Flexible BackLyte

Our Flexible BackLyte products are perfect for backlighting translucent objects such as onyx, stone and resin panels. Flexible BackLyte has been updated with double the number of LEDs, several wattage options and improved efficacy across the board. It can be bent and cut to match the size of your application. We’ve improved our connections by adding terminal locations with custom options and shorter jumpers that won’t impede your LED display. Each bendable 11.97-in. (304 mm) square panel features 9 cuttable 3.99-in. (99 mm) square sections. They each contain an array of 16 pixels to illuminate uniquely shaped spaces. Daisy chain up to 24 Static White 3.2 W panels for larger shapes! Flexible BackLyte is lightweight, provides even light distribution and can be fully customized in Static White, Variable White or RGBW. Title 24, JA8 compliant from 2200K-4000K!


9 Static White CCTs from 1800K to 6000K
Variable White ranges from 2400K to 6100K
RGBW (3000K, 4000K or 5000K)
Title 24, JA8 compliant (2200K-4000K)
Daisy chain up to 24 Static White 3.2 W panels
6-year warranty

Width: Custom

Length: Custom

CCT/Color: 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 6000K, Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Violet, RGBA, RGBW 3000K, RGBW 6000K, Variable White

Rigid / Flexible: Flexible

IP Rating: 20

Style: Flexible BackLyte

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