FAO Schwarz

Location: New York, NY

Lighting Design: 37 Volts Light Studio

Applications: Toe Kick Lighting

Products: RGBW RibbonLyte, AS1 channel

Photographer: David Handschuh

FAO Schwarz may be the world’s most famous toy store, courtesy of its trademark nutcrackers, life-size stuffed animals and a certain ‘Big’ piano dancing movie scene. When the design team from 37 Volts Light Studio got the call to dress up the remodel for the flagship New York City store, inspiration came in many colors. They used our Color Changing RGBW RibbonLyte in AS1 channel fixtures with frosted lenses for toe kick lighting to create the signature rainbow staircase, programmed to change colors and patterns to the delight of shoppers young and old. It’s truly a ‘highlight’ inside the store!