Heritage Park

Location: Norwalk, CT

Lighting Design: Christian Rae Studio, LLC

Applications: Exterior Accent Lighting

Products: Custom Side-Illuminating RibbonLyte, Static White RibbonLyte at 3000K

Heritage Park is a waterfront setting in Norwalk, CT. The grounds span two miles along the shore and include a boardwalk, gravel trails, rolling hills and panoramic views. The park also boasts a range of attractions including Oyster Shell Park, the Maritime Aquarium, the SoNo Historic District, Pine Island Cemetery and the Marina District. Acolyte worked closely with Christian Rae Studio to seamlessly integrate LED lighting systems into the natural and structural details of the park. Christian placed custom blue Side-Illuminating RibbonLyte along the perimeter of the Overlook Deck to incorporate the cool tones of the river into the landscape, bringing both elements together. To call attention to the prominent gazebo, 3000K Static White RibbonLyte was used to up-light details of the intricate trellis pattern overhead.