One Tat Seng

Location: Singapore

Applications: Facade lighting, Indirect lighting

Products: 8.8 Static White Series 2 RibbonLyte, AC5 channel

Photographer: Fabian Ong

One Tat Seng is a seven-story industrial building located in Singapore, designed by GOY Architects. Inspired by foliage, GOY employed branded green sun-shading metal mesh fins along the curved façade. The dual fire escape stairs at the back of the building actually serve as the main frontage to a busy six-lane road. To create an urban landmark, the design team painted the tandem staircases in two tones of green and illuminated them with 8.8 Static White Series 2 RibbonLyte at 4000K in AC5 channel fixtures from Acolyte, provided through our brilliant partners at LuxLight Pte Ltd. The shining twin pillars of green form a sculptural structure that punctuates a stretch of otherwise dusky industrial buildings. It’s another standout installation!