2 Universe DMX Controller

The 2 Universe DMX Controller is an incredibly durable solution for fixed lighting installations. Control up to two universes – as many as 1,024 channels — over DMX, LED Pixel or DALI protocols. Link multiple controllers to synchronize more demanding, large-scale lighting projects, all with multi-zone show controls and advanced triggering capabilities. Program fades, bursts, scenes and sequences with a PC or Mac over USB/Ethernet or use an on-site programming app with your smartphone or tablet. Single unit allows for individual control over up to 341 RGB or 256 RGBW devices! 


1,024 channels
20 zones, 2,000 scenes
16 mb internal memory or Micro SD card
8 ports
Clock/calendar triggers
Optional audio/DALI triggers

Function: Control up to 2 DMX universes

For use with: Color changing LEDs, Addressable LEDs, Variable White, PC/Mac or iOS/Android

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