OptX RibbonLyte

OptX RibbonLyte is a top bending wall washing or grazing solution that doesn’t require a channel fixture. 24V OptX RibbonLyte is available in four Static White CCTs (2700K-4000K). It offers three beam angle selections for interior or exterior use. Secure OptX RibbonLyte with VHB Tape or mounting clips in flexible installations. Symmetric or asymmetric mounting channels are available for straight-line applications.


3 beam angles:
Symmetric 10° and 30°
or Asymmetric 45°
14 LEDs/ft (46 LEDs/m)
5.8 W/ft (19 W/m)

11.8 in. (300 mm) min. bending diameter
4 Static White CCTs (2700K-4000K)
3-year warranty


Voltage: 24

Wattage: 5.8 W/ft (19 W/m)

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