WH35 Channel is a large profile aluminum channel that fits any RibbonLyte product and has a 56-degree beam angle. We offer a variety of mounting options as well as clear, frosted and milky lenses to create a full range of light output and design. Custom design a fixture for nearly any application with WH35 Channel and our RibbonLyte products.


Wattage Range from 0.75 W/ft (2.46 W/m) to 8.8 W/ft (28.9 W/m)
Static White Delivered Lumen Range from 85 lm/ft (279 lm/m) to 729 lm/ft (2391 lm/m)
56 degree beam angle

Width: 1.37 in. (35 mm)

Internal Width: 1.23 in. (31.2 mm)

Interior / Exterior: Interior, Exterior

QuickShipLensBeam AnglesHeight
Clear 56 1.47 in. (37.5 mm)
Yes Frosted, Milky 56 1.47 in. (37.5 mm)



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