Five City Center

Location: Allentown, PA

Lighting Design: Illuminations, Inc.

Applications: Exterior Accent

Products: C22 channel, 8.8 RGBW RibbonLyte, 5 Channel DMX Interface, Opto Splitter

Photographer: Alex Jones

Five City Center is a Class A office building in the heart of the neighborhood improvement zone near the Lehigh River in resurgent downtown Allentown, Pa., which has seen more than $1 billion of investment in the last decade with the addition of revitalized shopping, entertainment and high-end condo options. The 200-ft. steel and glass tower at Five City Center counts ADP and Wells Fargo as major tenants. Our talented partners at Illuminations, Inc. specified custom Acolyte exterior fixtures with C22 channel and 8.8 RGBW RibbonLyte (with white at 4000K) for the creative, color changing façade lighting, which is controlled through our 5 Channel DMX Interfaces. With all the modern amenities, living here in Allentown has never been better!