Location: New York, NY

Lighting Design: Mike Castelli, IES, HDLC Lighting

Applications: Commercial

Products: LED neon, Static White RibbonLyte

Photographer: Garret Rowland, Courtesy of Gensler

Gensler is an integrated architecture, design, planning and consulting firm with more than 5,000 professionals networked across 44 offices. Gensler chose to use Acolyte products in the redesign of their New York City office in the heart of the Theater District at 1700 Broadway. The office is a backstage look at what makes a design firm tick. The space is full of dramatic touchpoints, including a five-story interconnected staircase, stunning lighting and heavily branded details complete with a dazzling 20-foot lighted Broadway marquee at its center. Eye-catching elements aside, the office features sit-stand desks and a bike room to encourage health and well-being, a digital lab, model shop, visualization theater, work cafés and “collaboration avenues” – flexible spaces that celebrate and enable the design process. HDLC Lighting and the Gensler design team specified our red NeonLyte as an accent for the window frames that face Broadway. The NeonLyte creates a dramatic effect when the building façade is seen from street level, and the color was a great match for the Gensler logo. The design also incorporated our 3000K Static White RibbonLyte in the handrail lighting for their signature staircase.