United Cabs

Location: New York, NY

Lighting Design: United Cabs

Applications: Cove lighting, Toe Kick lighting

Products: Rapid Ribbon 95+ by Acolyte

Photographer: United Cabs

United Cabs creates custom elevators all over New York City. Many of their projects feature Rapid Ribbon 95+ by Acolyte. This versatile RibbonLyte can give a lift to any installation! At 1 Broadway, United Cabs elevator lighting uses Rapid Ribbon 95+ to create a warmth that matches the vellum wood tones and gently illuminates the custom handrail and ceiling. At 345 Park Avenue South, they press all the right buttons with bright, modern cove lighting that features custom acrylic inserts. High-CRI Rapid Ribbon 95+ is our contractor grade RibbonLyte. It’s sold by the reel in four Static White CCTs and color changing RGBW for easy installation in the field. And with great partners like United Cabs, business is … going up!