Luxury Beach Condo

Location: Long Branch, NJ

Lighting Design: Hendue Vidal, Acolyte

Applications: Residential, Cove lighting

Products: Simply Clean™ SC2 Channel, Simply Clean™ SC3 Channel, 6.0 Static White Series 2

Photographer: Hendue Vidal

Crisp, clean white light runs throughout this modern high-end condo in Long Branch, N.J., courtesy of Simply Clean™ SC2 and SC3 Channel from Acolyte. Using a milky lens for superior diffusion and our 6.0 Static White Series 2 RibbonLyte at 3000K, smooth lines of light add function and class to the entry and hallways, several bedrooms and a living room with dramatic Jersey Shore ocean views. These custom LED fixtures are powered by 24V Lutron Hi-lume Premier 0.1% Drivers. You could say they’re “shore” to please!