6.0 Static White Double Row RibbonLyte

This RibbonLyte is twice as nice! Static White Double Row RibbonLyte provides powerful 90+ CRI light output for our widest channels. Doubling the number of diodes helps light blend for superior dot-free solutions. Design custom fixtures with Acolyte channel extrusions and any of 9 dimmable Static White CCTs.


Provides superior light blending
9 Static White CCTs (1800K-6000K)
136 LEDs/ft (448 LEDs/m)
713.3 lm/ft (2340.3 lm/m) @ 3500K
0.7 in. (17.9 mm) cut lengths
IP20 for interior use in large channels
Title 24, JA8 compliant (to 4000K)

Voltage: 24V

Wattage: 6.0 W/ft (19.7 W/m)

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