PxLNet Transceiver

Simplify lighting installation infrastructures and increase system efficiency with PxLNet Transceivers. Extend the range of a single pixel controller port with two PxLNet Transceiver modules – one in transmit mode and one in receive mode. Send or receive SPI signals up to 8 universes as far as 820 ft (250 m). Send or receive DMX signals as far as 1640 ft (500 m). Works with PxLNet Transmitter.


Operating voltage range of 5-48 V DC
Connect up to 8 universes
Choose from 3 connection options:
RJ45 bus, screw terminals or solder pads
Transmit and receive mode
SPI or DMX conversion
Extends SPI signal range up to 820 ft (250 m)
Extends DMX signal range up to 1640 ft (500 m)

Function: Signal boost

For use with: Pixel controls and fixtures

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