C4 Live

The C4 Live controller provides a user-friendly programming experience with full functionality on any device (phone, tablet or computer). Easily control individual pixels in complex lighting projects and architainment installations. With a simple menu and wireless configuration, the high speed 24V C4 Live controller can be programmed with 8 bit or 16 bit dimming. Quickly create seamless loops, color scrolls and fade effects. Compatible with DMX, SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), 0-10V and Art-Net. 


Pixel programming
Control up to 16 universes
or 24 universes with
up to 12,288 channels
(with advanced knowledge of SPI and frame rates)
Choose 8 bit or 16 bit dimming
Daisy chain controllers for larger projects
Supports more than 50 SPI protocols
Built-in triggers and interfaces for automated applications
Adjust brightness, saturation, speed and hue
Lifetime software license automatically updates features
Licenses can be easily upgraded/expanded online
IP10 for indoor use
Rail mount or wall mount with screws 

Function: Pixel programming

For use with: Addressable Pixel products

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