Pixel RibbonLyte

Pixel RibbonLyte allows customized patterns of light that can be programmed to a single LED! Your designs are only limited by your imagination. Program each RGB LED pixel individually with SPI controls to create the most precise moving effects, patterns, chases and more throughout large light displays. Control 18 pixels per foot (60 pixels per meter)! Design amazing custom channel fixtures with Pixel RibbonLyte and your favorite Acolyte channel extrusion.


Addressable to the individual LED pixel
0.66 in. (16.66 mm) LED (pixel) spacing
18 LEDs/ft (60 LEDs/m)
All on: 137 lm/ft (450 lm/m)

3.94 in. (100 mm) cuttable length
24 ft, 7.27 in. (7.5 m) max. run length
Use with SPI controls

Voltage: 24V

Wattage: 5.3 W/ft (17.5 W/m)

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