Armor Series HexaNodes are versatile single-point source 24V RGB or RGBW fixtures that can be used to create a unique pixel display or to highlight architectural details. Program with simple SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) controls for maximum effects. Each HexaNode module contains six multi-chip LEDs for precise color gradients and smooth transitions (plus 2 white LEDs for RGBW). Choose from clear flat or milky globe lenses and customize your pixel spacing and quantity in each string.


Programmable pinpoint lighting for custom façade displays
RGB at 38 lm/node (all on)
RGBW (2700K) at 50 lm/node (all on)
Clear flat lens with 110°x110° beam angle
Milky globe lens with 160°x160° beam angle
Uses SPI controls
Custom pixel spacing (starting at 3.94 in./100 mm)
Custom pixel quantity per string
Replace single modules for easy maintenance
Daisy chain up to 492 ft (150 m)
Use with mounting clips or anodized mounting channel

Width: 1.65 in. (42 mm)

Shape: Round

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