Nano Pivot

The Nano Pivot is a programmable, dimmable Static White hinged wall washer/grazer that allows for increased flexibility in your lighting design. Create dramatic effects around cornices and curved facades, columns or landscaping. Part of the Armor Series, the IP67 rated Nano Pivot works with incredibly simple SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) controls to manage each 5-in. (125 mm) pixel.


4 LEDs/5-in. (125 mm) pixel
8 pixels per 3 ft 3.37 in. (1 m) chain
2746.2 lm/fixture in 2700K at 45°x45°
Daisy chain up to 6 fixtures
Uses SPI controls

80+ CRI with IP67 rating 

Beam Angle: 25°x25°, 45°x45°, 25°x45°

Voltage: 24V

Wattage: 9.75 W/ft (32 W/m)

CCT/Color: 2700K, 4000K

Mounting Option: Heavy duty mounting clips

Interior / Exterior: Interior/Exterior

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