RGBW Addressable

RGBW Addressable RibbonLyte allows you to create completely customized patterns of light only limited by your imagination. Every 4 in. “pixel” can be individually controlled to create moving effects, patterns, chases and more. When our Addressable RibbonLyte is paired with DMX controls, you can change your color as often or as little as you wish to create an unforgettable setting.


4-in. pixels (100 mm) contain 6 LEDs
18 LEDs/ft. (60 LEDs/m)
167 lm/ft (549.2 lm/m) at 100%
Controlled with DMX512
Max. run length: 16 ft. 5 in. (5 m)

Width: .65 in. (16.5 mm)

Height: .28 in. (7 mm)

Cut Length: 3.94 in. (100 mm)

Voltage: 24V

Wattage: 5.4


IP Rating: IP67

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