RGBW Addressable

RGBW Addressable RibbonLyte allows you to create completely customized patterns of light that are only limited by the imagination. Each 4-in. pixel can be individually controlled. Pair RGBW Addressable RibbonLyte with simple DMX or SPI control systems to program moving effects, patterns, chases and more to create an unforgettable light display.


6 W/ft (19.7 W/m)
4-in. pixels (100 mm) contain 6 LEDs
18 LEDs/ft. (60 LEDs/m)
All on: Up to 42 lm/W 
All on: Up to 251. 22 lm/ft (824 lm/m) 
Max. run length: 16 ft 5.64 in. (5.02 m)

Voltage: 24V

Wattage: 6

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