VR World NYC

Location: New York, NY

Lighting Design: RL Studio

Applications: Cove Lighting, Wall Grazing, Under Cabinet, Bar Lighting, Toe Kick Lighting

Products: RGBW Addressable RibbonLyte, Warm Dim RibbonLyte, RGBW Mini Linear

Photographer: VR World NYC

The 2020 expansion of VR World NYC features all kinds of real lighting from Acolyte. VR World NYC offers a massive variety of virtual reality bookings, from team building and brand activations to celebrations with experiences that range from thrill rides to games to education and a beautifully lit world-class bar and cocktail lounge. Step inside and get lost in a zombie survival experience or try to escape from a lost pyramid. Challenge yourself in a shoot-‘em-up like Pistol Whip or feel the rush of sitting 480 feet above the ground in Richie’s Plank Experience. Enjoy a multi-sensory journey in orbit with NASA’s Eyes on Earth experience, dive into theBlu and bask in the majesties of the ocean or soar through the skies in a jet pack simulator. And every time you step back into reality, you’ll enjoy the true Acolyte experience – premium LED lighting in all kinds of shapes and colors. With superb lighting design from RL Studio, the VR World NYC installation utilizes our RGBW Addressable RibbonLyte, Warm Dim RibbonLyte and RGBW Mini Exterior Linear Fixtures in the gaming stations, the lounge and bar, and even the stunning stairwell. In reality, it all looks great!