310 Ann Street

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Lighting Design: FLOTH - Sustainable Building Consultants

Applications: Exterior Accent Lighting

Products: NeonLyte, IP20 RibbonLyte, PS2 Channel, PS3 Channel, PR2 Channel

Acolyte helped change the Brisbane, Australia, skyline with its lighting installation in the 5-star Green Star building renewal project at 310 Ann St. “We were ecstatic when this project was presented to us. It was a great opportunity to showcase our products and capabilities to the lighting marketplace in the Australia/New Zealand region. I was even on-hand for the initial lighting installation to make sure every aspect of the lighting designer’s vision was met,” said Scott Vontobel, president of GENLED Brands. Trapp Architects and FLOTH Sustainable Building Consultants saw this building renewal as an exciting challenge of reinvention and worked closely with the clients to develop appropriate renovation strategies that balanced the goals of the project – longevity, marketability, aesthetic appeal and, of course, capital and recurring costs. This was done by selecting sustainable, environmentally responsible products, and FLOTH Sustainable Building Consultants chose Acolyte for the lighting solutions with that in mind. We highlighted the unique rigid exterior lines of the contemporary geometric architecture with our NeonLyte. Inside, corridors and work areas were illuminated with custom suspended PS2, PS3 and PR2 fixtures to match the length of the hallways, while larger fixtures provide superior light in the numerous meeting rooms. Our IP20 RibbonLyte was utilized in the architraves to provide a wall washing effect in the building’s foyers. And to create a softer appearance, our RibbonLyte was installed for indirect lighting in the building’s many public restrooms.