Dancing Gnome Brewery

Location: Sharpsburg, Pa.

Lighting Design: Sulosky Design Group/Peter Margittai Architects

Applications: Under cabinet, Backlighting

Products: Static White Series 2 RibbonLyte, AS1 Channel

Photographer: Repco II

Dancing Gnome Brewery opened in 2016, focused on hop-forward flavors and tradtional brewing styles from around the world. From the original Lustra American pale ale to the Exquisite Beast Double IPA and Dead Sleep stout, Dancing Gnome‘s popularity led to expansion and the addition of a new home along the banks of the Allegheny River in Sharpsburg, Pa. The brilliant new taproom features under counter lighting in custom Acolyte AS1 channel fixtures and sign backlighting created with high-CRI Static White Series 2 RibbonLyte at 3000K, specified through our well-gnome partners at Repco II in Pittsburgh. Cheers!